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     your father. Her tears like a surge of seawater, choking my excuse. She gave pushed me, who could be your stepmother, is that woman can't! I cried and cried a loss, crying muddled, cried and almost back. I'm not crying, I have a stepmother, but cry for no reason why my MOM so fierce. Obviously [link url=""]   you should I accept your reality, how was my fault now. She coaxed me, from a mother spoke softly into the children can't help but of course. Many years later, I finally understood her feelings. Woman injured when many whistle-stop, it has the soft parts of the heart, the blow drain half is required to bear, half left to slowly forgetting. And I fell was her meat, I cannot share her grief, and who have the patience to listen to the  [link url=""]  sufferings of her. 2, I want to be firmly resolute woman, and bear patiently in the dust, slowly growing up at the age of 11, I like a guy, happened to be the guy like me, this is a matter of what a joy. A girl the most simple and most secret thoughts, but only last for six months to die. Reason is that I rise first, she told me that you have to study hard, not love. So yes, which of the parents is so earnest and charged. Not every child will love so obey not to go. Premature love, in the lives of boys and girls, a too natural for words, but for me, it is the frightening thing. She was so sad crying in front of me, how can I let her down. This is not love-love made me timi6, I would like to not to excuse, but the title can you sentence me to life imprisonment are attractive eye, too dull, not shown "absolutely in love" and stirring. On the plot needs to go further. Overall text smooth, well written. She was gone, leaving xinghe County, this used to be where she missed. She likes to be left alone, not very talkative. In spare  [link url=""]   time, she often a nearby Cafe on the premises, not downtown, also a lot, quiet environment around. She likes to get a window seat to sit down, take a cup of coffee while coming and  [link url=""]  going out of the window of the eyes to the crowd, she likes the clean, like strangers here, too. Here, she met a person, this person, changed her life. One day, she, as usual, as usual, sat quietly, eyes seemed cold, a man came, greeted softly: "do someone here? "Her reputation to smell, a tall figure standing at her side. "There is no. "After the short answer, she didn't pay attention in front of people. She had to leave, feeling behind a pair of eyes followed her for a long time. After all these for a long time, because the number is not busy with her a lot, one day, when she came at a time when the
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    worry about suffering all day, how will her heart so unbearable ordeal. You're hanging him in her mind, no day off my mind. She was afraid that he was worried about her, she is afraid he eat well, sleep well, and she is afraid he has no mental work, she is afraid he sth She got up and stood by the window.   [link url=""]   Outside, the Sun is warm, the wind is soft. Grass dotted throughout the world of vitality at rage. , Director of family distress "I", as time goes by and people alien to the thorns to protect themselves with. However, a mother's love, the same boat the Hug of love, "I" there was a desire for power of love.  [link url=""]   A rather sad and beautiful story. Best wishes! 1, a woman was injured when a lot of whistle-stop, it has the soft parts of the heart in depth, I have one of the best mother in the world. She has a name of the world's most warm, sunny. We are two strains of vine attached to each other, and the Hedgehog   two hurt each other in our barren signs of human habitation in the world, or as between each other is essential and mutually reinforce each other. She does not like other divorced mother with children, that woman is the destruction of our Fox family fine. Instead, the siren is the word I speak out from his mouth. My 8 years old, worst words to hear so much. I hate you? I remember that time is not hate. But I know I use the word to describe her. When she heard laughter. She teasing me, and said, you're a woman whose position is roughly equivalent to a foster mother and godmother without religious or legal complications not Fox fine, is the white Bone Demon. I would like to say, no, she's not beautiful Bai Gu Jing. She often told me, your dad hurts you, you are the lifeblood of your dad, heart top. What words people will believe, I naively thought, and it is, nobody can replace me in my dad's status. She said, you don't hate your father, your father or your dad in the future, *** is *** also, we split to find their own happiness. So I like most normal child trends they lead me to the path. Until her best friend, I am a woman whose position is roughly equivalent to a foster   mother and godmother without religious or legal complications, and live with my dad after you became my stepmother. She has ceased to be the gentle mother, she pointed to my nose grieved curse, that woman is living to your father that went, you tell me, that so many days to feel comfortable in
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