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  1. kutuku

    Heeey(: i laav my friends and family
  2. Meow

  3. myluckystar

    United States
    Dancing is a HUGE part of my life besides friends and family. I love J-pop and K-pop
  4. Angelame

    I like math.
    I love having friends.
    I like the summer.
    I love my family.
  5. Chels

    United States
    Im Chelsea :D Im 18 . Going to school for small engines. I have amazing brown eyes <3 Im 5'4 . Anything else ask me (:
  6. J.L.

    United States
    I write to let my thoughts fly.
    Sometimes they barely flutter in the pitiful breeze (>_<)>
    Trying to learn to accept myself, and what I can't change.
    Some people in my life ♡ ; also..
    a little more than a little obsessed w
  7. Yvonne

  8. Purplecarrotbun

    Hi, I like travel, cooking, and photography. Feel free to talk to me and leave a comment!
    生活, 灵感, 博客, 还要说吗?
  9. Demi

  10. viva

    yoyoy :D