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Working week...

Whole week just work and work.... Finally, this current work does taught me a lot. Thank God at least is not so boring( as in is it not on a table kinda job), if not i sure fell asleep one!!!! haha.... anyway, I hoped this work will help me a lot for my future, as it help me to gain more experiences.

Yupe... The bad part is it taken my life, and Im totally lifeless now.. Everyday 5am-8pm, gonna get really psyco soon.

Gotta chao... If not I will not have enough energy for tomorrow..

well, you are good job..keep working
2011-06-18 19:41:15
Eun Mi
OMG, I understand you. To gain more experiences! I'm exhausted today..:(
2011-10-05 21:45:43
Anthony LimEun Mi
Exactly, but we must really learn to enjoy our work, isn't it?? Hope you are doing fine too =)
2011-10-12 15:03:53
Eun MiAnthony Lim
doing ok :)
2011-10-14 17:39:14