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  1. lightbekatie

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    [img src="" width="233" height="273"] already on the internets!...LOL
  2. lightbekatie
    what went from an awful day yesterday, turned into quite a good day. I'm feeling better nowww, and hopefully it continuless all summer :)
  3. lightbekatie
    come back again..XD
  4. lightbekatie
    So tomorrow will be pretty rough, I got two exams in one day -____- FML
  5. lightbekatie
    a list of followers.....0. o
  6. lightbekatie
    lost 5 pounds from last week ...AWW YEAH
  7. lightbekatie
    Before Glee!
  8. lightbekatie

    My Wearing

    [img src="" width="233" height="175"] Wearing the nerdiest outfit ever! Show me yo shirts!