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  1. Purplecarrotbun

    Hi, I like travel, cooking, and photography. Feel free to talk to me and leave a comment!
    生活, 灵感, 博客, 还要说吗?
  2. viva

    yoyoy :D
  3. sianofa

    My fave colours are green and blue,
    My lucky numbers are 3 and 7 ,
    Im not single.Yay :)
    I can be very dirty minded !!
    Monkeys are very sexy and so is Pacman
    I am very hyper nearly all the time
    Hugging my friends is fun ^_^
  4. butthole

    ello :) I'm Beth. i know it says i'm 17, but i'm not. i'm 16. i just have no idea how to change it and can't be bothered trying to figure it out. There's very little I can actually say about myself. Recently I discovered that
  5. nintony

    Everybody needs a little bit of sunshine,
    Everybody needs time to unwind,
    Everybody gotta have a good time.
  6. 腰果君

    伪宅 伪文艺青年 伪星座 食草系 处女座 喜欢简单舒服的环境
  7. 喵小仙儿~

  8. tracy

    找个出口 释放自己