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  1. loki

    Rainbow (translation)

    The beautiful, colorful field of flowers The rainbow that extends to a world of mystery Shows a smile so delicate and fragile That I would love to give up everything for But rainbow, you're but an illusion The distance has become so unbearable Rainbow, O rainbow Until I realize, I'm already back where I started Even returning is unforgivable What awaits? A tearful sea of sorrow, Or the end to the land of despair? Even so, I do not regret; Even were I to be in the freezing sunlight of winter Dying cold O, rainbow O rainbow Dearest rainbow I shall be with you always, for eternity translated by Loki. 29 Feburary 2012 © 2012 Loki
  2. loki
    We talked and fucked in those last days of the forgotten war.
  3. loki
    There is only perspective. And truth is only truth to the subject in so far as the subject deludes themselves that they have truth. Everything is art, deception, creation, destruction, viewpoint. And necessarily so.
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    Grattis, Pelle!!
  6. loki
    Time waits for no one. So do you wanna waste some time tonight? Don't be afraid of tomorrow. Just take my hand and I'll make you feel so much better tonight.
  7. loki
    Sie verstehen nicht.
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    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mein Herr Hauptmann. Sie sind für immer unser Stolz auf Berlin und Stern von Afrika.
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    德意志,我的祖国 (翻译)

    Germany, My Country I look at you, I see joy and sorrow Much did you have to bear from those times we had to borrow Days of darkness, and days of light But you never changed you stay the same with all your might Germany, my country Here, I was born Here, the oath of loyalty I have sworn Germany, my country From days afar you wear the deep scar I see in it, the nature of end as to turn the tide we have in hand The flags fly, without our colors They deceive us in the names of our forefathers I know hold it dear to my heart the truth is to from the lies kept apart Though the name of the game is often forgotten The place I come from will never be forsaken Germany, my country Here, the road to honour I pave Here, it carries me to the grave Germany, my country From the time distant and far You have been wearing the deep scar vom Deutschen ins Englische übersetzt von Loki Translated by Loki, from German to English © 2011 Loki 未经授权不得转载
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    Es bricht mir das Herz. Tränen in mein Augen. Bitte komm zurück zu mir. Bitte.
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    Why is that all of you have died and perished, leaving me alone and ashamed?