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  1. Bon Jovi - I'll Be There For You

    这不插电的真的温柔史了。。。 额。。好吧,我承认歌词翻译成中文可以直接当情书模板。。。。Orz [audio src=""]
  2. 你们懂得

    [img src="" width="449" height="600"]
  3. Get another fresh new start in this new year.
  4. Pink - Raise Your Glass

    Pink好口耐啊~~~ [video src=""]
  5. 第一反应是这三长得很像

    [video src=""]
  6. 俺沉迷了。。。

    Jason Chen - Just A Dream 肿么可以两个人声音都这么好听。。 [video src=""]
  7. 这个Jason Chen,好喜欢。。。。
  8. Jason Chen - Bottoms Up

    “挑眉男”陈以桐Jason Chen联手好友Joe Jo与Bart献唱Trey Songz热单Bottoms Up [video src=""]
  9. 歲叫了。。。。。安安
  10. 求nothing left to lose 伴奏
  11. 不插电版的It's My Life

    来自Bon Jovi在03年推出的第一张不插电专辑《This Left Feels Right》,这张专辑除了用不插电的方式外,他们把经典代表作全部重新编曲,有些带点爵士味道,有些加入一些迷幻摇滚和电音元素,很有感觉~ [audio src=""]
  12. “第三十三届十大中文金曲”完全获奖名单 [link url=""]
  13. 你嫁,或者不嫁人;你妈总在那里,忽悲忽喜;你剩,或者不剩下;青春总在那里,不来只去;你挑,或者不挑剔;货就那么几个,不增只减;你认,或者不认命;爱情总得忘记,不舍也弃;来剩男的怀里,或者,让剩男住进你心里;相视,无语;关灯,脱衣。
  14. 香港十大中文金曲2010颁奖神马的。。表示对那一堆新名字听都没听过。。。。
  15. Here we go, don't ya know. We're the ones that keep it wicked. Rock n' Roll, all good, mix it up. That's my ticket~
  16. I'm waiting for a new day to rise

    P!nk - Waiting for Love [audio src=""] VErse 1 She looks to the sun Help her to carry on Breaking down all the years Wondering how she got here She drifts through the sky Counting the reasons why How my life turned so fast Remembering all of the past B-section All the changes, and all the mistakes Foolishly laughing at the things that Words that she said Verse 2 She looks to the stars Breaking,time to follow the heart Her world is falling apart B-section And the turning of every new page A book on a shelf that is there to remain Breaking the walls as she's tearing them down As she is starting to drown Chorus She's waiting for love She's waiting, waiting for love Waiting, waiting for love She's waiting, waiting for so long Verse 3 She prays to the Gods Telling how she needs someone Help me find where I am today Life is looking very grey B-section All the changes, all the mistakes Foolishly laughing at the things that Everything that she says Chorus Bridge I'm waiting for a new day to rise Conversation to make sense to me and mind I need someone to lift me right off my feet And I want it, and I need it, and I'll leave it all behind And all the changes I've made And I remember the words, thatyou'll never say chorus She looks to the sun
  17. 再来两首

    Pink - Fuckin Perfect [audio src=""] Pink - Heartbreak Down [audio src=""]
  18. Pink - Raise Your Glass

    [audio src=""] 岁不着,起来Rock~
  19. 过了这个月谁再阻拦我我真的会选择不顾一切直接消失掉!!这是最后的底线。
  20. 笑史我了

    豆瓣看到的。。 [img src="" width="600" height="375"]