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  1. My Valentine

    [video src=""] 和我一天生日的两只加上Paul McCartney! What if it rained? We didn't care She said that someday soon the sun was gonna shine. And she was right, this love of mine, My Valentine As days and nights, would pass me by I tell myself that I was waiting for a sign Then she appeared, a love so fine, My Valentine And I will love her for life And I will never let a day go by without remembering the reasons why she makes me certain that I can fly And so I do, without a care I know that someday soon the sun is gonna shine And she'll be there This love of mine My Valentine (instrumental) What if it rained? We didn't care. She said that someday soon the sun was gonna shine and she was right This love of mine, My Valentine
  2. 朋友今天看晚上11:05那场,看完刚好是2:20……兰后发现……1912年4月14日,船上时间夜里11点40分,泰坦尼克号撞上冰山;2小时40分钟后,即4月15日凌晨2点20分,船裂成两半后沉入大西洋……好巧
  3. All I See Is U

    阳光好好~~心情就好了nya~么么~<(= ̄3 ̄)╭❤ 来听老歌~ [img src="" width="300" height="300"] [All I See - X - Kylie Minogue] [audio src=""]
  4. David Archuleta - Forevermore

    感动。。。 [video src=""]
  5. 刷屏~nya~~
  6. 不高兴哼~( ˇˍˇ )
  7. 早喵早喵早喵~~喵喵喵~
  8. Lay my head, under the water. Aloud I pray, for calamities. And when I wake from this dream, with chains all around me. No, I've never been, I've never been free.
  9. 喵星人喵星人喵喵喵喵喵~么么~
  10. 矮油~~天气开始好了~~
  11. G+新界面好猎奇....Σ<(= ° △ °|||)>︴不过用起来手感好像还不错,就是看着不大习惯……
  12. 闭关不说话,直到感冒痊愈。
  13. 汤不热又升级了啊……登陆界面好闪电……
  14. 我就看看,我不说话 [link url=""]
  15. [link url=""] 马克
  16. 如果明天感冒还好不了,准备好的MH又要推一周了……现在这个声音简直是比生日蛋糕味的奥利奥还猎奇,打电话的时候温柔到我自己听着都要起鸡皮疙瘩了
  17. You're not born Parisienne, you're becoming one.
  18. 生日蛋糕味的奥利奥好猎奇……
  19. 哇,喵大修复的好快,可以点开了~<(= ̄3 ̄)╭❤
  20. 更新点不开……